Having a Blast + Safe Space = Our Kids Program


We design our kids programs around 2 main principles:

  1. They have a blast

  2. They're in a safe environment

Having a Blast

We know it's important for kids to have fun during class so they stay engaged and interested. Having direct involvement in their own learning process does wonders for children, especially for those with short attention spans or those having trouble with schoolwork. They'll learn the benefits of staying on task and seeing their goals through to the end. These are some of the most important skills your child can learn, ones they'll take with them though their entire life. Helping them realize their goals, step by step, will help them in all aspects of life.

Safe space

Safety is one of our main concerns. Our coaches are highly trained in safe training methods where your child learns and grows in a safe way. In fact, our program is so safe that we can boast lower rates of injury then most playground sports like football, basketball, or even cheerleading.

As parents ourselves, we understand the apprehension most parents and children face when started something new. We make it our mission to have your child feel comfortable, have a great time and develop life skills.


Martial arts offers valuable benefits for children in many areas, including physical, emotional, social and psychological. Here's what BJJ can do for your child.

  • Builds self-esteem and confidence

  • Teaches responsibility and respect

  • Develops self-discipline and good decision making

  • Promotes physical fitness and healthy living

  • Improves focusing and listening

  • Develops coordination and motor skills

  • Builds teamwork, positive social interaction and friendship

  • Improves memorization and retention

Kids classes

  • Micro Monkeys (4-6 years)

  • Explorers (7-10 years)

  • Submission Samurai (11-16 years)

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